Rainbow Birthday Party Kit

Throw your little one the ultimate colorful bash with our ready-made rainbow party kit. No need to drive around and stand in long queues - we've already gathered the best party supplies and created this super cute 'rainbow birthday party' kit for you! From boutique party plates through to colorful wall decorations, and loot bags - we've got you covered!

Each box caters to 8 children and contains:

- 8 x Rainbow stripes party plates (lunch)

- 8 x Rainbow polka dots paper plates (dessert)

- 8 x Blue paper cups

- 20 x Blue paper napkins

- 8 x Red loot boxes

- 10 x Yellow plastic cutlery sets (knives, forks, dessert spoons)

- 10 x Striped paper straws (assortment of colours)

- 1 x Rainbow polka dot garland

- 12 x Balloons (assortment of rainbow colours)

+ 1 x 'Happy birthday' candle set

- 12 x Cupcake cases (assortment of colours)

- 1 x 'Happy Birthday' candle set

As our boxes are made to order, please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.